Kristen Stewart

21 05 2016

Screen Catcher

Kristen Stewart has come a long way after Twilight. I’m not talking about her big budget roles in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and ‘American Ultra’. Those are the films that most people whom I call ‘Stewart Criticisers’ seem to recognise her from. Twilight is seen as a catastrophe for Stewart’s career. Her role as Bella overshadowed the brilliant indie films she starred in on the side. ‘The Yellow Handkerchief'(2010), ‘The Runaways’ (2010), ‘Welcome to the Riley’s’ (2010). Those are all films in which Stewart’s performances garnered positive reviews. In fact, Kristen’s recent choices in indie roles have improved her relationship with critics, as evidenced by the most recent Oscar buzz generated around her role in ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ after being the first american actress to win a Cesar. If critics had it their way, she would have definitely been in the front line for best supporting actress at the…

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