Golden Globes are a bit less golden this morning, ‘but times, they are a changin’……..

13 12 2014


Golden Globes were announced this morning and the lack of nominations for Outlander sadly reminds me of when the first reviews came out last summer and female critics were especially condescending.  At the time, I said their negative response was due to their yearning to be accepted by their male counterparts and fear that if they gave a positive review for a female-centric show, they wouldn’t be allowed to sit with the cool kids (men) at lunch.

I expected more from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but now realize they may actually have the same fears.  Quite obviously, it’s easier to simply check off a box for a product you know rather than put effort into something you don’t and it appears that’s what happened today. And even in 2014, a strong female lead can be frightening for the suits. But numbers don’t lie and both men and women are

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