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23 10 2014

Frank Randall The Final Chapter

22 10 2014

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Just a reminder, this does contain many spoilers for all of the books right up to Written in My Own Heart’s Blood!

Okay, Frank and I both had far too much Whiskey last night and the discussion got rather more personal than was intended! We decided that perhaps it might be better to continue it at some other time? We’re both suffering  from a bit of a headache this morning!

Frank with a headache

Maybe some fresh air would do us some good? I casually suggest this to Frank, adding that I would love a tour of  the area being that I am not from around here. Frank agrees, not seeing what the harm could be in a drive through the countryside.

Of course, being the workaholic that he is and ever the well prepared and proper Englishman, he brings along his notes and his hat!

Frank on the way to crag na dun

Outlander 2014

And, we’re off  on a lovely…

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Outlander: The Matter of Frank Randall part 2

22 10 2014

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You don't know frank

Ahhhh Well, then after our sojourn at the local pub, Frank and I are both a bit more relaxed and… yes, slightly tipsy but we shall endeavor to continue this discussion? I have explained to Frank all of the rumors about him flying around and have assured him that I really just want to set the record straight and get his side of the story… or at least as much as he is able to share? I, being of a military background myself, completely understand the protocol of  keeping classified information classified until such time as it is set down as unclassified. I respect Frank’s loyalty and his honor to his code of  professional ethics, if not so much in the way of his personal ones… that is between him and his conscience! Now, as to when such additional information might be deemed unclassified and open to…

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Outlander: On the matter of Frank Randall part one

22 10 2014

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The matter of Frank Randall  part one

The matter of Frank Randall… namely, the matter that this once almost forgotten about, rather seemingly insignificant minor character has somehow managed to create such an enormous amount of attention? From those who absolutely hate the man, to the mildly indifferent all the way to those who are defending him so ferociously.  This mysterious man has become the subject of wild controversies, conspiracies, accusations and any number of other debates. How did one man with such a limited story line and few public appearances such as in the ongoing Starz series become such a hot topic all of a sudden?  I have not been all that much of a Frank fan (realistically, there was not all that much to base a judgement on in the earlier stories!) until recently. I began to change my opinions of him after reading A Leaf on the…

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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Dry Shampoo

10 10 2014

A woman we should care about….Claire

6 10 2014

My Outlander Blog!

If you are like me, you’ve been watching the Starz channel for possible glimpses of Outlander. The tease definitely was and the disappearance trailer gave me goosebumps!  I’ve been searching for every image I can find. The sheer beauty of the costumes and scenery of the down-under clip left me speechless (and inspired to play it over and over). But, the trailer that I can’t stop thinking about is the one where the cast is commenting. The lines that keep running through my head are spoken by our beloved Ron Moore, “we are going to try to make you believe this really happened to this woman…This is a character you should care about…”

I’m loving the direction he is taking. Despite all the focus we fans tend to place on the sheer magnificence that is Jamie, Ron recognizes that this has always been Claire’s story. Her story to tell. He…

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The Laws of Jamiedynamics

6 10 2014

Candida's Musings

Today’s posting is in honor of James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser’s (JAMMF) birthday. I want to thank Stephanie T. Field for this morning’s ‘inspiration.’


Birth Name: James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser

Occupation: Farmer, Soldier, Husband, Father, Smuggler, Sea Captain, Laird of Lallybroch, North Carolina Landowner, Colonel in the Continental Army

Birthdate: May 1, 1721, born to Brian & Ellen Fraser

Death: Unknown

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