Outlander, Epi 7 Re-Cap, “The Honeymooners”

24 09 2014


We begin this week as a joyous Frank and Claire walk toward a Registry Office as he surprises her with a civil wedding.  We cut to Claire morosely staring at her mirrored reflection in a beautifully lit space comprised of reclaimed wood, rounded ceilings and vintage draped fabrics which, in short, looks like a Pinterest wet dream.  Jamie enters saying the loud wedding party downstairs will not be leaving until they know things have been made ‘official’.  Camera pulls back to show Claire in an exquisite layered, shift/corset combo with her small bosoms pushed to painful heights reminding me how happy I am to live in the age of comfy, support bras.

Since it’s a day that ends with ‘Y’, Claire suggests a drink and our young groom makes a nervous toast. She knocks back her whiskey, which is held in a miniature version of the Crate & Barrel ‘Castle…

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