Outlander‘s Sam Heughan on Whether Jamie’s the Man to Govern a Clan

8 09 2014


Jamie Fraser: Clan leader?

Though fans of Starz’s Outlander likely would follow the Highlander Currently Known as MacTavish just about anywhere, members of his own family have different thoughts on the matter – as we’ll see in Saturday’s episode (9/8c).

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The clan drama comes to a head at The Gathering, a regular event in which all of the MacKenzie men travel to Castle Leoch to pledge loyalty to Colum as head of the clan. (Look for Outlander author Diana Gabaldon and series creator Ron Moore to make cameos as Gathering attendees.)

Though on the surface it seems like nothing more than a big party, The Gathering leaves Jamie with a serious dilemma: Swear the oath and position himself as someone with designs on his uncle Colum’s post, or refuse and…

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