How the Cullens Make Their Money

14 10 2013

Twilight: The Missing Pieces

A reader asked me a question (thanks, Uma!) about how Edward and the rest of the Cullens make their money. I thought others might be interested in the answer, so here it is.

Edward’s money comes largely from investments suggested by Alice. His starter funds were from his father’s huge inheritance, which has multiplied about twenty times since Alice showed up in the ’40s. (She considers it an insult when Edward suggests that maybe using foreknowledge in the stock market is a bit unfair for other investors.) He also owns some real estate, including his father’s beautiful downtown Chicago home. (See pictures here.)

Alice herself is making a nice pot of money and a name for herself via her company AliceRoi Designs. (You can Google her. The woman pictured is Alice’s front person, a talented designer in her own right.) Alice also owns lots of real estate acquired over…

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Brilliant Women of FanFiction

14 10 2013

Brilliant Women of FanFiction.