When is a fanfic not a fanfic?: Part 1

31 08 2013

Carrie J's World

So, when is a fanfic not a fanfic?

It’s a question I’ve been pondering for a while, as a writer of this genre, (not a popular writer by any stretch and possibly not that good, and no I’m not fishing for compliments just saying it how it is) when your writing crosses the line from devout canon fanfic to full on AU, OOC fanfic have you passed the point of no return?

For me going from AU/OOC to full on AU and OOC (basically only borrowing character names in extreme cases) is like drawing a line in the sand, how far can you go before it becomes your own work of fiction that coexists alongside fanfiction? Twilight is the most obvious source to draw from, when they are no longer vampires is it still Twilight fanfiction? The essence of Twilight is vampires and humans falling in love against the odds…

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