Sasha had a blogasm and passed it on to me…

9 05 2013

fifty shades of grey and more


My fellow WordPress blogger Sasha Cameron has nominated me for a blogger award! Fist bump babe – albeit tongue in cheek…

blogger award

It’s a shout out from a mate, someone who, in our small slice of internet FSOG is saying I see you! So Sasha, I see you right back babe, for an awesome blog with one of the sharpest blades of literary humour I’ve ever had the pleasure to spar with. So, just like the goats (ahem), we’re just having some fun, though it’s nice to know I’m worth the thumbs up… 😉

As I hoist my award over my head, clasping it in my delighted hands while the hum of the power supply to my laptop reminds me of the thunderous applause I’m missing, I’d like to thank my mum and my dad, my husband and my gold fish, my readers and the ice-cream I used to learn how…

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