Golden Globes are a bit less golden this morning, ‘but times, they are a changin’……..

13 12 2014

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Golden Globes were announced this morning and the lack of nominations for Outlander sadly reminds me of when the first reviews came out last summer and female critics were especially condescending.  At the time, I said their negative response was due to their yearning to be accepted by their male counterparts and fear that if they gave a positive review for a female-centric show, they wouldn’t be allowed to sit with the cool kids (men) at lunch.

I expected more from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but now realize they may actually have the same fears.  Quite obviously, it’s easier to simply check off a box for a product you know rather than put effort into something you don’t and it appears that’s what happened today. And even in 2014, a strong female lead can be frightening for the suits. But numbers don’t lie and both men and women are

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Golden Globes are a bit less golden this morning, ‘but times, they are a changin’……..

13 12 2014

Golden Globes are a bit less golden this morning, ‘but times, they are a changin’……...

Twitter Etiquette

2 12 2014

Twitter Etiquette.

Jamie’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from Outlander S1 Pt1

9 11 2014

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With the Outlander mid-season slump – aka #Droughtlander – in full swing, I thought I’d take the time to revisit a few of Jamie’s most awkward moments so far this season. The poor lad’s had quite a few, most all of them humorous due to Diana Gabaldon‘s impeccable writing, Ron Moore‘s talented adaptation skills, and Sam Heughan‘s brilliant acting. Never to be excluded is the lovely and equally brilliant  Caitriona Balfe, who as Claire never lets Jamie get away with anything.

Presented below are my favorite Jamie’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from Outlander Season 1 Part 1. As usual, I’ve selected a range from all 8 episodes as I’m sure you’ll recognize. And as Outlander is a drama, I decided to start with the darkest scenes first.

Watch out for SPOILERS, especially those of you who’ve not yet read the novel(s).

30: Jamie’s Awkward Naked Sister Moment…

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And we laughed and laughed

4 11 2014

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Many thanks to Jp Pare’s for creating this video!  See other videos by this wonderful Outlander fan here.

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Son of a &*@#%….

4 11 2014

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So there’s this book:

Outlander (Outlander Series #1)

It is Incredible. If you like a good story, read this book. Here’s the link again, go buy it. You will NOT be disappointed. I promise. In fact, if you read it and don’t immediately want the next book in the series, I’ll buy it from you ’cause you don’t deserve to keep it anyway…

This book is one of those stories that really lives. A British WWII nurse is our heroine, forced out of her own time to a Scotland 200+ years in the past, who longs to return to her own world while simultaneously falling in love with the world she has landed in. Let me be clear, this is not a sappy love story. It is action, adventure, sci-fi, history, and *sometimes* a little romance. I won’t go to much into it because, while this is my favorite book, it it…

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50 shades of Tricks and Treats

1 11 2014

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Good evening/morning GREYsessed readers! I hope you all enjoyed the “Caught in the Act” series! I’ve gotten some requests to continue that story, and I may just do that. But since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought a blog of tricks and treats is in order! Enjoy and as always thank you for reading and supporting me! Love & Laters©, Michele
It has been a long day at work, but I won’t complain since I am happy to be here. Christian has finally allowed me to go back to work after weeks of being home. The Jack Hyde ordeal is finally behind us. The bitch troll is history. And little Blip is safe and sound after all of that has happened. I rub my yet-to-pop belly as thoughts of the last few months flash through my memory. Shuddering at my visuals, I…

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