Updated 8/6/2014 Outlander Episode 101: Sassenach – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

14 08 2014

Updated 8/6/2014 Outlander Episode 101: Sassenach – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher.

JustJared Photo Shoot

10 08 2014

JustJared Photo Shoot.

Kristen Stewart Is The Man

15 07 2014

Originally posted on POP PITCHER:

Jenny Lewis released her music video for Just One Of The Guys this week, starring a few of her famous friends. This is a new single taken from her album The Voyager, which is Jenny’s first solo album in six years.

Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Tennessee Thomas and Brie Larson all star in the music video, dressed up as a bunch of dudes.

Sporting Adidas tracksuits and ratty moustaches, I can’t say they make the most handsome of men … but Kristen does look like she is having the time of her life.


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Between the covers book club

22 06 2014

Originally posted on fifty shades of grey and more:

Hello, lovely ladies :)

Just a little bit of feedback. I’m currently rewriting the one shots; Christmas and Valentine’s Meander to take up their rightful spots as chapters 70, 71 and 72. I know things are going considerably slower but I will get there – eventually :) After that I will tackle the end of 69 and then get to the epilogue :)


This week I read:

dev tim

Devoured by Emily Snow. This book was not for me though it had all the ingredients that usually make for a good read. Maybe you had batter luck than I did with this one.

Trust in me by J Lynn was book 1.5 in the Wait For You series, all from Cam’s POV. I loved it.

Currently I’m reading:


Ask For It by Sylvia Day. This is part of her Georgian series, a great fall-back for me when I’m waiting to find the…

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Published Fics

16 01 2014

Published Fics.

Happy First Birthday Master’s Muse/30Nights! (and a chapter at the end of the ramble)

7 11 2013

Happy First Birthday Master’s Muse/30Nights! (and a chapter at the end of the ramble).

How the Cullens Make Their Money

14 10 2013

Originally posted on Twilight: The Missing Pieces:

A reader asked me a question (thanks, Uma!) about how Edward and the rest of the Cullens make their money. I thought others might be interested in the answer, so here it is.

Edward’s money comes largely from investments suggested by Alice. His starter funds were from his father’s huge inheritance, which has multiplied about twenty times since Alice showed up in the ’40s. (She considers it an insult when Edward suggests that maybe using foreknowledge in the stock market is a bit unfair for other investors.) He also owns some real estate, including his father’s beautiful downtown Chicago home. (See pictures here.)

Alice herself is making a nice pot of money and a name for herself via her company AliceRoi Designs. (You can Google her. The woman pictured is Alice’s front person, a talented designer in her own right.) Alice also owns lots of real estate acquired over…

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